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Title Author
A checklist of economic plants in   Australia. Hartley, William CSIRO
A dictionary of useful and everyday   plants and their names : based on material contained in J.C. Willis : a   dictionary of the flowering plants and … Howes, F. N.
A Guide to Organic Living in Australia Michael J Roads
Alan Seale’s garden book of fruit and   berries Seale, Allan
Allan Seale’s garden book of pests &   diseases. Seale, Allan.
An introduction to working animals Falvey, J. Lindsay
Anyone can grow it Moors, Bob
Arborsculpture, Solutions for a small   planet Reames, Richard
Australian Tropical Rainforests :   science – value – meaning Webb, L.J. Kikkawa, J.
Australian urban survival handbook Wiseman, John
Bamboo rediscovered Cusack, Victor.
Basic gardening without poisons for   Australia and New Zealand Warren, Jo- An
Beekeeping for dummies Blackiston, Howland
Beekeeping in Victoria Langridge, D. F. Victoria. Dept of Agriculture
Bio-Dynamic Gardening Soper, John
Bush Regeneration : recovering   Australian landscapes. Buchanan, Robin A.
Bush Tuckerr – Australia’s Wild Food   Harvest Low, Tim
Bushfires in Australia Luke, R. H. McArthur, A. G.
Characteristics, Properties and Uses of   Timbers – South East Asia, Northern Australia and the Pacific.Volume 1 Keating, W.G. and Bolza E.
Cherish the earth : the story of   gardening in Australia Bligh, Beatrice National Trust of Australia (New South Wales)
Deciduous fruit and ornamental trees Fleming, Dawn Fleming’s Monbulk Nurseries
Design and Construction of Small Earth   Dams Nelson, K. D.
Do-it-yourself planet saver Thomas-Cochran, Margarette
Don’t Dream It, Do It Cahill, Greg
Eco-city dimensions : healthy   communities, healthy planet Roseland, Mark
Energy from nature : renewable energy   handbook Pedals, Peter.
Esther Deans gardening book : growing   without digging Deans, Esther
Farming in ponds and dams : an   introduction to freshwater aquaculture in Australia Romanowski, Nick
Feral Future Low, Tim
Forest Soils and Nutrient Cycles Attiwill, P. M. Leeper, G. W.
Forest trees of Australia. Hall, Norman Johnston, R.D
Garden Programme for Everyone :   including blind, visually impaired and disabled people Rickards, Peter
Gardening Down-under : better soils and   potting mixtures for better gardens Handreck, Kevin
Getting started in the country Chambers, Stephanie
Gifts for wild women Clayfield, Robin
Good Garden-Maker’s Guide for Victoria –   Creating, Remodelling and Buying for Your Garden Niran, Rosa
Green barley essence : the ideal fast   food Hagiwara, Yoshihide
Growth Habits of the Eucalypts. Jacobs, M. R.
Healing Gaia : practical medicine for   the planet Lovelock, James
Herbs Phillips, Roger, Foy, Nicky
Herbs Vallance, Rosa.
Herbs for all seasons Hemphill, R
In praise of apples : a harvest of   history, horticulture & recipes Rosenstein, Mark
Indicators of catchment health : a   technical perspective Walker, J. Reuter, D. J.
Introduction to appropriate technology :   towared a simpler life-style Congdon, R. J.
Introduction to permaculture Mollison, Bill Slay, Reny Mia
Keeping Your Own Bees Redpath, Norman
Kuranga handbook of Australian plants Elliot, Gwen Elliot, Rodger
Land care : rural property planning. Matheson, Bill
Listening to the land : a directory of   community environmental monitoring groups in Australia Alexandra, Jason. Haffenden, Sandra
Low cost pole building construction Merrilees, Doug. Loveday, Evelyn V.
Making unemployment work Paul, Cheryl
Mallee Area review : final   recommendations, August 1989 Land Conservation Council, Victoria
Mallee conservation in Victoria Blakers, M. Macmillan, Luisa.
Millennium Whole Earth Catalogue: access   to tools and ideas for the 21st century Rheingold, Howard
Nashi : Asian pear in New Zealand White, Allen G. Cranwell, David
Natural beekeeping; organic approaches   to modern apiculture Conrad, Ross
Natural Victoria Pescott, Trevor
New low-cost sources of energy for the   home Clegg, Peter
Nuts for the food gardener : growing   quick, nutritious crops anywhere Riott, Louise
Organic gardening Bennett, Peter
Permaculture : principles & pathways   beyond sustainability Holmgren, David
Permaculture two : practical design for   town and country in permanent agriculture Mollison, Bill
Permaculture; a designer’s manual Mollison, Bill
Pests and Beneficials in Brassica Crops Heisswolf, Sue Brown, Ethna
Pests of Pastures : Weed, Invertebrate   and Disease Pests of Australian Sheep Pastures Delfosse, E. S.
Planning & planting home gardens Hutchison, Frances.
Plant propagation : Principles and   practices Hartmann, Hudson Thomas Kester, Dale E.
Plant Structure and Development – A   Pictorial and Physiological Approach O’Brien, T. P. McCully, Margaret E.
Practical Gardening and Landscaping Blomery, Alec
Principles of solar box cooker design Aalfa, Mark
Pruning a practical guide Elliot, Rodger
Pruning the Best Way Puttock, A. G.
Riding bareback backwards on a pig : a   book about The Collingwood Children’s Farm Lindsay, Andrew
Shattering : food, politics, and the   loss of genetic diversity Fowler, Cary Mooney, Pat
Simple Propagation : a book of   instructions for propagation by seed, division, layering, cuttings, budding   and grafting. Prockter, Noel J.
Simply edible gardens Fletcher, Paul
Smart Permaculture Design Allen, Jenny
Soil Food : 1372 ways to add fertility   to your soil. French, Jackie
Soil-less Gardening for Flats and Homes Bentley, Maxwell
Straw Bale House Steen, Athena Swentzell Steen, Bill
Sunset pruning handbook Hudson, Roy L. Blanchard, Robert
Tagasaste in La Palma : cultivation and   utilization Wood, Michael
The Austraflora handbook : a guide to   selecting and growing Australian plants Molyneux, Bill Forrester, Sue
The Australian environment : handbook   prepared for the British Commonwealth Specialist Agricultural Conference on   Plant and Animal Nutrition in … CSIRO
The Basics of Permaculture Design Mars, Ross
The best of permaculture : a collection Lindegger, Max O.
The complete book of fruit growing in   Australia Glowinski, Louis
The complete book of garden magic Biles, Roy E.
The complete book of self-sufficiency Seymour, John
The CSIRO family key for hardwood   identification Ilic, J. CSIRO Australia. Division of Chemical and Wood Technology
The earth through time Levin, Harold L.
The Future Eaters : an ecological   history of the Australasian lands and people Flannery, Tim
The Gaia peace atlas : survival into the   Third Millennium Barnaby, Frank Pearson, Joss
The green book : the essential a – z   guide to the environment. Pope, Stephen Appleton, Mike
The green consumer guide Elkington, John Hailes, Julia
The healthy house Baggs, Sydney Baggs, Joan
The illustrated encyclopedif of trees :   timbers and forests of the world Edlin, Herbert Nimmo, Maurice
The LaMotte soil handbook : containing   up-to-date information on practical soil management for crops and gardens LaMotte Chemical Products Company Tucker, M. Ray
The lyrebird : a natural history Reilly, Pauline Chambers, Peter
The Mallee Lands – A Conservation   Perspective. Noble, J.C. Joss, P.J.
The Organic gardener’s handbook of   natural insect and disease control Ellis, Barbara W. Bradley, Fern Marshall
The permaculture book of ferment and   human nutrition Mollison, Bill
The quickening of America : rebuilding   our nation, remaking our lives Lappé, Frances Moore. Du Bois, Paul Martin
The role of wind energy in reducing   greenhouse gas emissions : opportunities and benefits for the Australian wind   energy industry : a study Blakers, Andrew Australia. Dept of the Arts, Sports, the Environment,   Tourism and Territories
The salad lover’s garden. Bittman, Sam
The salinity audit of the Murray-Darling   Basin : a 100- year perspective, 1999 Murray-Darling Basin Commission (Australia) Murray-Darling Basin   Ministerial Council (Australia)
The Water-efficient Garden Van Dok, Wendy
The Weekly Times Farmers’ Handbook Trompf, Nick Weekly Times
This good earth : the view from Augubon   magazine Line, Les
Time is Ripe – Buying, Storing and   Preparing Fresh Fruit and Vegetables in Australia Wilson, Georgina
To the summit and beyond Australian Council for Overseas Aid
Travels in dreams Mollison, Bill
Tree diseases in Victoria Marks, G. C. Fuhrer, B. A.
Tree planters Guide, for farms and   public lands Natural resources Conservation League of Victoria
Trees Why we need them Countrywide ABC Neena Reimer
Utilisation of Victorian Native Flora   and Fauna Environment and Natural Resources Committee
Vegetable gardening Sunset Books Sunset Magazine
Vegetables Phillips, Roger Rix, Martyn
Vegetables in the home garden Kinsella, Michael N. Martindale, William L.
Venomous Australian animals dangerous to   man. Garnet, Ros. J.
Victorian Toadstools and Mushrooms Willis, James H.
Woodstock Handmade Houses Haney, Robert Ballantine, David
Working greener Ralston, Kathleen
Yates garden guide, 1952 Yates, Athur PL.
You can grow tomatoes Wanhala, Julie M.
Earthworms for gardeners and fishermen Handreck, Kevin Arthur Lee, Ken
David Holmgren : Collected writings,   1978-2000 Holmgren, David
Growing Annual Vegetables Wilikie, Joyce and Plane, Michael
Anima Mundi Peter Charles Downey
Dirt The Movie Bill Benenson
The Economics of Happiness Helena Norberg-Hodge, Steven Gorelick, John Page
Permaculture Design Course 13 DVDs Mollison, Bill
Radiance, David Holmgren, 2 DVD,   Reclaiming our place in nature Soil Therapy PL